1970 - Jalan Fruity

By Serena Astralrae - https://astralrae.carbonmade.com/

Many of the buildings that were in Orchard Road during the 1970s have been demolished. Some of them, like Tang Plaza, Lido, and Cold Storage still exist, but they are so different from what they were back then.

I wanted to draw out these iconic buildings along Orchard Road as they were during the 1970s, but I also wanted to add something whimsical into the picture.

I thought about how Orchard Road was lined with many fruit trees, spice and pepper farms in the 1800s. It is said that Orchard Road also got its name from the Nutmeg plantations that populated the area. I thought this was a good way to remind audiences about Orchard Road's past.

That’s when the idea of ‘shopping fruits’ popped in my head— little fruits shopping, hanging with fruity friends around the buildings. I drew different types of fruits, even those not grown in Singapore, to reflect Orchard Road's cosmopolitan nature.