1973 - Parade of Dreams & Culture

By Tanky Tan - http://tanky.sg/

The Chingay parade started out as a Chinese celebration, intended to replicate the festive chaos that was created by recently-banned firecrackers.

The evolution of the parade throughout the years is reflected from the bottom to top of a larger-than-life parade float, synonymous with the Chingay Parade.

In 1973, the Singapore River was still very much bustling with trade, as highlighted by the bumboat acting as the base of the float. The characters begin distinctly Chinese, before spiralling upwards and showing traits of Singapore's multiculturalism. Almost entirely drawn from actual elements that appeared in Chingay parades across the years, the scale of the characters and elements are varied to create greater rhythm.

The entire festive frenzy culminates in the ox singing onstage – a salient nod to the very first parade, held in the Year of the Ox.