1973 - The Stadium, The Legend

By Nat Kwee - http://www.nataliekwee.com/

The original National Stadium was built to bring a variety of people together under one roof. Throughout its lifespan, it hosted a multitude of activities including 18 National Day Parades, an annual event that evolved to become synonymous with the structure itself. The illustration depicts the vibrancy and energy of the parades; a celebration of the Stadium's ability to unite people from all walks of life.

Small surprises like iconic architectural details and park benches made from the Stadium's old seating planks are scattered throughout the illustration, so step a little closer to discover other nostalgic reminders that have found their way into the frame!

While the original Stadium no longer exists in its physical form, its legacy will be kept alive in the memories of all Singaporeans... A permanent reminder of how far we've come, and an inspiration for a greater future ahead.