1975 - Blast to the Plaz

By Joy Wong - http://www.mslatenightjam.com/

I did not have the honour of witnessing the opening of the first Plaza Singapura, mainly because I was not born yet. However, my parents told me that when it first opened, it was definitely the place to be – many secondary school students would gather and hang out.

My fondest memories of the place is as a young girl in the 80s, wandering around iconic sculptures by artist Ng Eng Teng, visiting stores and outlets like McDonald’s, Ponderosa, Yamaha and Yaohan.

I enjoyed each weekend spent with my family. I would walk around exploring the corridors of this mall as if it were some giant labyrinth. There was a shop for everyone – and this, undoubtedly, was my favourite shopping location.

Through this artwork, I hope that people of this generation could be transported into the past, and return with a memory of what Singapore's largest mall used to look like 40 years ago.