1981 - From Changi with Love

By Mary Bernadette Lee (Mrydette) - http://mrydette.tumblr.com/

I have chosen to put together a tapestry of various iconic infrastructures from Changi Airport circa 1981. These are easily recognisable by those who have spent weekends and public holidays trawling the place back in the 80s with our parents.

The artwork is separated into three separate tiers. The top tier depicts the exterior, which comprises SIA airbuses, skytrains, internal bus terminal services, Changi Tower, flags and air flight controllers.

The middle tier takes us inside the airport where flora and art is aplenty – a familiar sight to Singaporeans returning home.

Finally, the third tier represents the people of Changi Airport. They are service staff, flight crew and tourists. Altogether, the various elements presented in the artwork present themselves as an 'ecosystem' that has thrived and improved over the years.