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We Elevated a Hair Salon into a Haven for Working Professionals

A Supersalon

A Supersalon

First established in 1994, Kimage is a renowned name in Singapore’s hair services industry. In spite of their age and legacy, the brand continues to spare no effort to experiment, innovate and create new ideas and experiences for their clientele to enjoy.

We were approached to work with them to conceptualize and brand their biggest salon to date - the Supersalon. Envisioned to be the Kimage flagship, it was to be a salon that didn't resemble any typical hair salon. 

Jumping at the opportunity, we proposed the idea of 'Kimage Cove', an oasis for urban professionals to let their hair down (literally and figuratively) while Kimage does the rest. Designed to serve a wider range of clientele while ensuring comfortable and personal service, we recommended dividing the 8000 sq ft expanse into several sub-areas, something that they couldn’t have done before with their smaller locations. These sub-areas range from 'The Preview': an area for hair consultation, to 'The Bunker': a dedicated area for men, to 'The Retreat': where people can relax while waiting to complete their hair service.

Kimage Cove was launched in 2016, and is enjoyed by customers, influencers and media alike, with coverage from publications such as FEMALE MagazineWomen’s Weekly8 Days and StyleXStyle.

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The Studio

The Studio

A sub-area carved out within Kimage Cove, The Studio is an experimental space where fresh hair concepts, services or techniques can be trialled and tested.

To officially launch The Studio, we created 'Your Magic Hour' targeting working women who 'just didn’t have the time to pamper themselves'.

Designed for working women on lunch breaks, they were invited to 'kill two birds with one stone' by having their hair needs tended to while enjoying a complimentary lunch or scalp treatment. Hair health isn’t just limited to what is used on the scalp and hair; it includes what is eaten as well, so the complimentary lunches included ingredients which were rich in omega-3 fatty acids and protein that keep the scalp and hair hydrated, strong and healthy.

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Hair Sushi Conveyer

Hair Sushi Conveyer

To complement the launch of this new service, a VM window display was designed by FakedCandid. Tasked to tie the themes of food and hair together, they designed and constructed a sushi conveyor belt, and used hairstyling tools like combs, hair rollers and sectioning clips to make products that resembled sushi, noodles and a drink.