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Preparing for the Future through Brand Evolution and Uncovering Possibilities

Creating Possibilities, Delivering Promises.

Creating Possibilities, Delivering Promises.

Comprising three distinct areas of focus, Corporate Advisory, Real Estate, and Investments, we were approached to work with Kuala Lumpur-based Newfields Group to assist with the strategising, development and design of their brand's next evolutionary step.

In speaking with their staff and management team in KL, we obtained a much deeper understanding of what the NewFields brand meant to them, let alone their aspirations for what they felt the company was capable of achieving in the future. 

The responses that were collated gave us insight into the passion that many staff had for the company. This fervency to see the company expand guided the creation of a refreshed brand story and tagline that we enjoyed translating into numerous other brand touch points including corporate stationary, digital, Newfields' new office interiors and Newfields' latest residential development, Maisson by the Park.

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