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Pioneer Portraits

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Turning Orchard Road into a Colourful Walk-Through Showcase of Singapore History

24 stunning works of art, 1 showcase of Singaporean history.

24 stunning works of art, 1 showcase of Singaporean history.

Spanning the full stretch of Orchard Road, and the exclusive first-ever outdoor showcase on giant glass panels, ‘Pioneer Portraits’ was an initiative created out of a passion and desire to celebrate Singapore’s Golden Jubilee in a meaningful and unconventional way.

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Visualising Passion and Pride

Visualising Passion and Pride

Together with the support of the Orchard Road Business Association (ORBA) and the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), OuterEdit was given the honour to research, conceptualise, design, curate and coordinate the creation of 24 original works of art, creatively interpreting 24 key moments of Singapore’s history, by 24 of Singapore’s best and budding creative minds specifically handpicked for this initiative.

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Centrally and conveniently located down the full stretch of Orchard Road

Centrally and conveniently located down the full stretch of Orchard Road

Towering at 3 meters in height, all 24 artworks featured a consistent, and coherent graphic language that connected every piece visually and through the 1965 to 2050 chronological portrayal of Singapore’s past, present, and future history.

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"One of the most tasteful SG50 initiatives around"

"One of the most tasteful SG50 initiatives around"

We were encouraged to see locals and tourists literally taking a walk down memory lane as many stopped to admire and read about the artworks, and of course, shared an obligatory selfie or two on social media.

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Singapore and Beyond

Singapore and Beyond

Pioneer Portraits ran from 1 August to 30 September 2015 and has since been exhibited separately in London and Belgium.

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A Big Thank You

A Big Thank You

The OuterEdit team would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all sponsors, partners and collaborating artists for your patience, support and partnership in making Pioneer Portraits a reality and for celebrating SG50 with us in this meaningful way.

Thank You:

Orchard Road Business Association
Singapore Tourism Board
Lee Foundation
Rich Art

Dan Wong (Good Citizen)
Joanne Lim (The Letter J Supply)
Soh Ee Shaun
Joseph Chiang (Monster Gallery)
Black Mongrels
Si Ying (Aurry) Tan
Natalie Kwee
Joycelyn Wong (Mslatenightjam)
Minqi Li (Twisstii)
Sun Lee Siew Loo
Mary Bernadette Lee, Mrydette
Kaiyee Tay
ONO Creates
Mas Shafreen (Wanton Doodle)
Herman Yap (Heage)
Adeline Tan (Mightyellow)
Candice Phang (Puffingmuffin)
Nur Aida Sa’ad, (Yellow Mushmellow)
Studio Ensemble
Wu Ziqi

Pico Art
He Ruiming
Melvin Ong
Jolene Khoo

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