We Designed a Tool to Bridge Conversations

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Thinking Space

When a business signs a lease, they often wonder what they should do next. Real estate investment management company JLL saw this as a window of opportunity and approached us to design a tool that would help bridge the conversation with their clients on what their Project & Development Services experts can offer in the next stage of their journey.

The JLL Thinking Space journal was created and adapted for various key cities complete with custom illustrated floor plans, technical drawings and next-step information for their clients to jot down notes and sketches.

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Keeping Sincere Conversations, Simple.

Differentiating itself from a typical corporate sales tool, we designed the Thinking Space journal with warmth in mind. As though it had been in the hands of an architecture or interior designer, we used relatable imagery and typography that resemble handwritten fields notes to make the information personable, fun and current.

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Creative Concept & Direction: OuterEdit
Graphic Design: OuterEdit
Contributing Illustrator: Ken Lee
Printer: Allegro