Interpreting A Journey Through VivoCity as a Voyage Across Many Worlds

OuterEdit - Vivocity - Visual System .png

Every trip to VivoCity invites a fresh experience.

OuterEdit was approached to help VivoCity share its story and seasonal celebrations through a refreshed visual system as a way to engage a younger customer segment, as well as to represent the exciting evolution that VivoCity was going through as Singapore’s largest retail destination.

We envisioned VivoCity as an ever-changing land with comfortable favourites, and dynamic discoveries awaiting to be explored, and leveraging her location and architectural attributes, we crated a series of master visuals depicting different worlds that invite exploring and adventuring.

OuterEdit vivocity series
OuterEdit - Vivocity - Key visual 1.jpg
OuterEdit vivocity glass door sticker
OuterEdit vivocity elevator doors
outeredit vivocity atrium banners
OuterEdit vivocity basement 1 launch
outeredit vivocity basement 1 lift doors
outeredit vivocity basement 2 banners
OuterEdit vivocity basement one launch flyer
outeredit vivocity escalators
OuterEdit Vivocity Chinese New Year Key Visual.jpg
OuterEdit Vivocity BTL Collateral.jpg
outeredit vivocity chinese new year banners
OuterEdit Vivocity Sliding Door.jpg
OuterEdit vivocity photoshoot

Creative Direction & Art Direction: OuterEdit
Graphic Design & Development: OuterEdit

Photography & Digital Imaging
Jeff Chang Studio
Lenne Chai

Josiah Chua