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About us

This is the about page containing a description of who OuterEdit is, a slideshow gallery featuring some of our favourite moments from our journey thus far, and a list containing the breadth of services we offer.

OuterEdit is a creative agency that makes meaningful matter.

Brand Strategy x Graphic Design x Brand Experience

You have an idea. We can make it count. OuterEdit is on an endless pursuit of exciting ways for brands to communicate. Ways to capture the attention of audiences not just by standing out. But by standing for something more, and meaningful. With brand strategies that give identity to inspiration. Design that speaks in captivating surprises. Experiences that move with impact. We only have one rule: there are no rules.

Our Suite of Services Include:

1) Branding
Brand Strategy
Brand Guardianship

2) Marketing / Communications
Marketing Strategy
Communication Strategy
Content Marketing / Development
Social Media Marketing 

3) Creative Curation
Talent Spotting & Recommendation
Collaboration Management

4) Creative Development
Creative Direction
Concept Development
Art Direction

4i) Graphic Design
Brand Identity Design & Development
Brand Visual System Development
Brand Application Guidelines
Books / Publications Design
Packaging Design

4ii) Web / Digital
Front-end Development

4iii) Brand Experience
Space Planning
Space Design
Space Decoration
Spatial Experience
Art Installations
Way Finding

5) Professional Agency Services
Client Service  
Project Management
Production Management
Collaboration Management